Live from the stage/my workspace

I graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts majoring in photography and cinematography. After graduation I went travelling as I figured travelling would enrich my artistic vision and inspire me.

I'm a freelance photographer at the moment specializing in documentary photography, fashion photography and lookbooks. My true passion is black-and-white photography. I believe B&W has its own spirit, this color combination makes a picture timelessly beautiful, and this beauty will never fade. I also have experience in shooting short films and music videos.

I treat each shooting with respect and feel novice-like thrill. I simply must be filled with inspiration before shooting starts so that I'm satisfied with the outcomes. I can be inspired by the city, its streets, a life episode which I'm trying to capture on my photographs. If I'm shooting a model, I must see something uniquely beautiful in this person, get in love with the model for a couple of hours. If I do, I get a good result.

I'm open for work with people who see art as an integral part of their lives. I'll be happy to cooperate with those who appreciate creativity, are inspired by and live for art, rather than business. I hope to shoot for first-class magazines about travelling, nature, offbeat people.





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